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Life Pays Forward


Life Pays Forward

I heard my father preached that life is more than being born: to be a child, to go to school and then to get a job and get a spouse and then children and to work and work to earn in order to feed the family and send the children to school and then grow old and then die; and then your children will follow the same cycle: they will also grow old and die if they don’t die early due to illness or accident… and their own offspring will continue the cycle of being born… surviving… aging… dying… and so on and on, and on.

What’s the sense? I agree that life must be much, much more than that.

We are four children in the family. All boys, I am the third. We have been complaining why our parents are not building the upper floors of…

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Life Pays Forward

Life Pays Forward.

Storytelling at Highland Villa

  • Posted here are life stories of real people ad lessons, just like those we ponder upon with “mirror, mirror on the wall…”  You are invited to follow on and participate. The characters may just be your friends or neighbors. Or… could they just be you?


A brat comes home. Brainy and brawny, careless and carefree, fearless and proud, naughty and very lonely.  His mother and all his treasures are passed away.  Who can love him as his mother did so well?


He has friends. Loyal and patronizing; but their cares are as shallow as he is able to show. He yearns a relation with substance and depth, a tie that can anchor him as he floats with the wind yonder. He is not completely fearless. He fears the future.


He spots the young lady with long, black hair and deep but sparkling eyes over high cheek bones, a perfect nose and smiley pouts.  While women and girls in their village are generally beautiful, he can’t select anyone more heart-warming than her. He hears she is bright, too. And she lived some years in the city. No wonder she is the most popular in high school even if she’s in fact shy and quiet.


“I will make her famous,” he sneers.


The next day, he kidnaps her.  Before dark, a young man hands a letter addressed to the proper policeman. It reads:


“To  Patrolman Julian,

My Father-in-Law-to-Be


Do not worry about your daughter. She rode with me to the city. You shall see her again if you agree to marry her to me.



M. Aguinaldo”


(to be continued)



Job Openings

We are recruiting:
> 12 Trainees/Interns to be FINANCIAL PLANNERS

Basic Qualification:

>> 24 – 56 years old; must be breadwinners or have dependents

>> with at least college level education, preferably with background studies or experience in business, finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, engineering, computer science, IT, general mathematics, laboratory science, health care

>> can invest in a laptop, cellphone and continuous internet connectivity

>> trainable and enjoys continuous learning

>> honest and hard working.

For initial screening, come in casual business attire with your NBI clearance to:

SUN LIFE FINANCIAL, 7/F National Life Bldg., 110 Session Road, Baguio City. Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Look for JETSTONE from the Customer Service Associate in this office.

History & Vision

Located within the city but sans commerce’s noise and hassles, Highland Villa (Baguio City) Hotel & Restaurant used to be an American missionary home that  also served as a church center.  After the American occupation, it became a vacation house for executives of one of the Philippines’ top corporations.  Later, it was acquired by a native Cordilleran  family who enVISIONs it to be the launching lab for a chain of what is dreamed to be a popular Filipino brand of inns,  guest suites, hotels, and resorts that promote the refreshing and protective kind of indigenous Cordilleran hospitality and adventures.

Highland Villa (Baguio City) is an ideal venue for business conferences and group meetings with its varying halls and function rooms.  With gardens and a secluded patio, it caters to modern intimate occasions such as weddings and anniversaries.  An Igorot fireplace meant for traditional meetings lends a campy ambiance to clan reunions, barkada nights, family bonding holidays, or personal quiet getaways.

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